The Game admits he has thrown shots at Suge in song before with not saying favorable things about him.”I wasn’t having no type of back down. I drew my gun on all of them and I held my own and from that day forward, it was nothing but respect with Suge,” Game added. “I throw jabs sometimes, mainly ’cause I can and everybody knows that I’m an asshole sometimes, so that’s what I do. I talked to Suge from the inside and he does have a different perspective on life and he should have a different perspective on life because where else do you go from here with being how you used to be? Suge’s gotta be 50 plus.”

The Game still respects Suge Knight for what he gave to Los Angeles  in terms of hip hop. He said that “we can’t take away what he did give, the [Tupac] albums, the Snoop albums, the who Death Row.” Watch Game and Nick chop it up about music below.