The Game’s Reaction To Wack 100’s Comments On Nipsey Hussle

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It’s no secret that The Game and Wack 100 are working together as Wack 100 handles the management for The Game. This relationship has made an odd couple in the eyes of some hip hop fans due to how Wack 100 has differing views from The Game when it comes to certain rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Nipsey Hussle.  During the promotional run for the 2Pac biopic, All Eyez On Me, Wack 100 made some unflattering remarks about Shakur and his mother. Despite this, The Game is known for being a huge fan of the late great rapper.

The Game was also friends with Nipsey Hussle and fans were waiting for The Game to speak on  his manager’s comment that Nipsey was not a legend.  It may surprise many that The Game did not speak ill of Wack 100’s comments about Hussle.

The Game was interviewed by Big Boy and was asked to comment about the situation, but he declined to do so because Wack 100  was there with him. He did say, “You’re not gonna put me in the middle [of this] or twist that. What Wack [100] says, or what he wants to say, is really his own opinion,” said Game. “Stop coming to Game or Big Boy and saying like ‘what are you gonna do?’ No, what are YOU gonna do? We, obviously are two different people with two different opinions.”

Watch below at the 28-minute mark.