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The Great Reset of WorldWide Entertainment TV (NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive Article by Kevin Douglas

wwetv worldwide entertainment tv

It was two weeks ago today (October 24th), one of Canada’s top urban entertainment youtube channels that became “worldwide” was terminated without notice from Google. A youtube channel that utilized the Youtube Space studio across the globe to help bring exposure to artists and businesses in cities in North America and the United Kingdom.The channel had been a hub for underground and major artists for over a decade.

Due to the controversial and crazy pandemic year of 2020, many touchy subjects were presented as subscribers wanted a more life issues addressed by this entertainment platform to what has been happening in their lives this year.

Unfortunately the Youtube Channel started to grow exponentially (hitting well over a million hour watch time and subscribers mounting by the thousands) during the protests over the summer of 2020 due to the rise in protests against social injustice and fans of Tupac Shakur were looking to this WorldWide Entertainment TV platform to be a voice for the voiceless just as Tupac was during his life.


wwetv youtube channel

Although, WorldWide Entertainment TV is no longer the media platform for the Tupac Center which was shut down (possible update on this matter at another time), our reach was still “WorldWide” as we have kept hip hop history in tact for not only Shakur, but in cities such as Toronto with documentaries and exclusive interviews.

We are embarking on “The Great Reset” and hopefully our message can still ring true and fans can have the outlet remain the voice it has been known to become. Subscribe to the New WorldWide Entertainment TV Inc channel at