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The Hidden Love Story of Michael Jackson & Tatiana Thumbzten

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Michael Jackson in the 1980’s was by far the biggest celebrity on the planet. He was at the height of his fame and his music was hitting on all cylinders as he released the follow up to what would become the world’s best selling album of all time.

One of the biggest hits on Bad album included the single “The Way You Make Me Feel”. The music video saw the “video vixen” reach new popularity when a slender bodied woman graced the television screens of music fans all over the world. Tatiana Thumbzten became an instant sex symbol just as Ola Ray did who starred in Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video.

The story between Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbzten differs in that Michael Jackson had told his mother that he was in love with his starring lady from “The Way You Make Me Feel” and the feeling was mutual from her end.

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Katherine Jackson was noted for saying, “There was a strong sexual attraction between them, but he would like know her better”. Michael Jackson even wanted her to star in the music video for “Dirty Diana”, but his manager did not feel it was a good idea to have the same girl in another video being featured. Michael had chosen Tatiana himself for the visuals for “The Way You Make Me Feel”.


Check out their story below to find out what exactly happened between the two!

Tatiana Thumbzten spoke about her and Michael Jackson in a rare interview below.