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The Impact of Hip-Hop Music on College Students & Mental Health

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Talking about hip-hop music and college students, it’s essential to approach it not merely as a music style but as a deep culture representing a way of life. As a rule, this music style is a mixture of social research that is always reflected in lyrics, a fashion style, a unique dancing style, and inner freedom. The latter relates not only to hip-hop performers and musicians but to everyone who listens. What makes it different is the positive mental health effect that is also a combination of the style’s history and its emergence during the post-industrial decline and uncertainty in 1970s New York. Now, unlike more aggressive music styles, hip-hop always remains true to positivity and life on the bright side of things.

The Impact of Hip-Hop Music on College Students’ Mental Health

– A Sense of Inclusion.

One of the most important mental health impacts in relation to students is a special sense of belonging or inclusion. The majority of topics that are brought up by hip-hop artists are what college students can easily relate to. Therefore, students always dwell on and discuss their troubles, even through listening. It even makes it possible to compose a reflective assignment on social events and problems based on favorite songs. If you need a helping hand in this regard, consider WritingUniverse for some free examples of writing and editing help. Sometimes it only takes a minute to clarify things and let your creativity flow!

– Voice of the Neglected.

The majority of college students these days are socially active and cannot live a day without focusing on various environmental or political issues. It brings up a certain level of confusion, anxiety, and a natural sense of anger. When things are just not right, hip-hop music speaks for the poor and neglected. Since it’s a worldwide cultural phenomenon, it also helps ESL and exchange students find peace and support. Now, if you are one of such learners, don’t forget to check the certified diploma translation help in case you are only starting out! Seek help, and you will always find someone who cares!

– An Ability to Relate.

Hip-hop music represents more than a collection of songs. As a way of life, it allows college students to dress accordingly, learn the moves and dancing styles, and talk to each other. It can be reflected on social media, while attending college parties, or when looking for new friends. If you find someone who loves hip-hop, it’s always the ground one can build a friendship on. It helps to eliminate inner insecurities and fight depression, as talking to fellow hip-hop fans and listening to songs together creates a family-like environment where everyone can relate.

– Music for Working Out and Games.

Another positive impact on the mental health of students is the presence of hip-hop tracks at most gyms or during street basketball games. Sports and staying active help to avoid most mental health issues. Now, you can read here about the majority of them and determine for yourself why hip-hop serves as a motivational background. As it pushes for thinking and analysis, it also reminds us of the importance of staying fit.

A Culture Where Your Voice Is Heard

For many college students these days, hip-hop music is more than just a nice beat or a memorable memory that stays in a person’s head. It becomes a special culture and an attitude that speaks for those things that are not usually discussed. It becomes both a vision and a voice that is reflected in the lyrics and helps to relate to certain issues. While hip-hop performers have always been seen as the voice of the poor and mostly African-American youth, many things have changed these days by expanding to all social circles. As a culture, it also stands for responsibility and for making your message across.


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