The Origin of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk revealed

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(Via Michael Jackson Multiverse) The Backslide, also known as the Moonwalk (renamed by MJ himself) is a dance move in which the performer glides backwards suggesting forward motion. There is no certain information about the real origins of that move, it goes back to the 1930s and it evolved into the street dance culture, most specifically as a Popping move, when it was officially called the backslide.

Michael Jackson got to learn this move after watching Eklypse’s performance in Soul Train, which Geron “Caszper” Canidate was part of, and he taught Michael the basics of the backslide. There was also a dance move called the Moonwalk, which was not the same as the backslide, they taught him both moves, but he remembered the “moonwalk” word, so when he got to perform it live, he connected the idea of moonwalk to the backslide, and that’s how it got renamed. Nowadays, the Moonwalk is directly associated to Michael Jackson, as one of his signature dance moves, since he popularized it in 1983.