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The Reason Malcolm X Was Replaced On Godfather Of Harlem

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M.Reck Interviews Markuann Smith Creator/Executive Producer Of Godfather Of Harlem about the major actor change in season 3.

The executive producer stated how season 3 is a “milestone” because many television series don’t reach that deep into a series. The journey took eighteen years for the creator to get the project launched and fans are grateful for it by tuning in to watch Forest Whitaker as “Bumpy.”

Season 3 will see Bumpy take on the Cuban mafia, a decision that will impact his family and the community, but will also put him on the radar of the CIA, while Malcolm X tries to find himself after leaving the Nation of Islam and Powell Jr. continues his work following the passing of the Civil Rights Act.

Markuann Smith stated the change of Malcolm X from Nigel Thatch to Jason Allen Carvell, gives the show a vibe of pre Malcolm X prior to visiting Mecca and the post Malcolm X after visiting Mecca.

In an interview with Newsweek, others involved in creating the show gave an answer of scheduling conflicts due to Thatch having other projects lined up.

Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein Reveal Business Reason

Brancato said: “Because of the business circumstances surrounding the show, and when it was initially greenlit for a third season, which was never in doubt it just took a while on the business side, Nigél had other projects he was pursuing and the dates didn’t work out and so we were reluctantly forced to [recast].

“We love Nigél, his performance is extraordinary and yet it was a timing thing. So, we had to go look for a new actor, it was a very hard role to fill, particularly to fill Nigél’s shoes.

“But, in Jason Alan Carvell, what we found was an actor who has a similar gravitas to Nigél and a presence, and also a warmth that we thought was very appealing, and so, both Jason and Nigél, we couldn’t ask for better actors to fill that role.”