The Rock: Message To Be Yourself In Life

The Rock

“The most powerful thing that we can be is ourselves.”

The Rock

The Rock first made his name in entertainment world doing what his father did, a pro wrestler performing for WWE audiences. The son of Rocky Johnson, he had issues growing up being bigger than most kids in size. He would dream of being a pro wrestler and being a star like his idol Hulk Hogan. That dream came true in Toronto at the Superbowl of Sports Entertainment, WrestleMania. It was one of the greatest showdowns in history.

It’s a rare fact that The Rock made his debut at the Toronto Rogers Stadium(then known as the Skydome) in 1996 during a contract signing. It was significant due to The Rock having roots in the city.

Hogan vs The Rock

The Rock would soon follow in Hogan’s footsteps by starring in Hollywood movies and become the most popular star on the planet. He recently received the “Generation Award” from MTV and he had a message to people to just be who they are in life and not conform to what others want you to be.

He let it be known to doubters or critics who feel he isn’t proud of his heritage. He said it with a loud statement that he was proud to be black and Samoan. He was proud that he didn’t let his insecurities about being a pro wrestler stigmatize him from becoming an A list actor drawing big at the box office.

WWE head honcho, Vince Mcmahon, went on Twitter to congratulate Dwayne Johnson on his latest accomplishment.

The People’s Champ becomes The Generation’s Champ. Congratulations to @TheRock on being named the #GenerationAward recipient of this year’s @MTVAwards!

Vince Mcmahon