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The Rock Thinks A Black Superman Will Be In Near Future

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson broke records and standards in WWE as he paved the way for current WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston, as an African American, reigning WWE Champion. Johnson left the wild and wacky world of sports entertainment and created a name for himself in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson recently won a lifetime achievement award from MTV and proclaimed that he made Hollywood adjust to him instead of the other way around. His message was to be yourself and represent your culture.

He now states his belief that one day the iconic comic book hero Superman will be played by a black actor. Idris Elba’s villainous super soldier Brixton Lore declares himself “black Superman” in Rock’s next movie entitled Hobbs & Shaw which is a spin off from The Fast and the Furious. Maybe this was the inspiration for Rock’s prediction?

With the success of movies such as Black Panther, it wouldn’t be too far fetched for Hollywood to think it is time to create a new adaption of the Superman saga.

At the world premiere for Hobbs & Shaw, Variety, got a chance to speak with Dwayne Johnson and he let it be known he is very positive with the entertainment world’s new outlook on diversifying characters and their backgrounds.

He stated that Marvel has done a “tremendous job.” The Rock also put in his bid for to be the Black Clark Kent by stating “You’re looking at him!

For those wondering, Dwayne Johnson’s father is former pro wrestler, Rocky Johnson, who is of Nova Scotian descent. His mother is Samoan.

rocky johnson
rocky johnson