The Singslayer – Bend the Knee

cameron dietz la
Cameron Dietz

Artist Name: The Singslayer 
Producer: Cameron Dietz 
Writer: Cameron Dietz 

Bend The Knee

Although the Kingslayer may be gone, The Singlsayer has emerged. The singer, songwriter, and producer, The Singslayer a.k.a. Cameron Dietz, has just released his debut single, “Bend the Knee.” The song, “Bend the Knee,” is a Game of Thrones inspired R&B track ultimately about the fear of commitment and the regret of losing a significant other because of that apprehension.

“I guess you can say The Singslayer is my alter ego, but the song is definitely the sort of song that my fans are accustomed to hearing from me,” Cameron Dietz explains. 

With his signature catchy melodies and hard hitting production, “Bend the Knee” is enjoyable to even those who aren’t avid viewers of the television phenomenon. “Bend the Knee” is similar to the style of Cameron Dietz’s breakthrough single, “Hill Valley,” which garnered attention from various celebrities and media outlets.

“Although my most recent single, ‘Goals,’ was a great Pop song, I really wanted to get back to my roots and release a smooth, heartfelt R&B record.”

“Bend the Knee” will quickly get stuck in your head. Fans worldwide will be singing and humming the song non-stop. The Singslayer also released a visual to accompany the song’s release. The video was filmed in the recording studio and filmed by flowercop.

The video depicts The Singslayer in the studio wearing traditional armor with a pair of maidens and the “Hand of the Sing.” The video allows fans to take a peak into The Singslayer’s creative process, and lets fans in on the fun had behind the scenes. 

As of now, The Singslayer doesn’t seem to be slowing down. “Who knows, I may keep the moniker forever. I’m not confirming nor denying that there is an EP or LP on the way. I guess everybody will just have to stay tuned.” The Singslayer is here to stay and slay. 


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