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The Story Behind Pressa’s Throwback Pics On Instagram

Rising Stars & Underground Artists


One of Toronto’s top “Rising Stars & Underground Artists” in the last couple of years has been Pressa. He first caught everyone’s attention when he appeared in the music video that paid homage to his close friend Wassi who saw the end of his life after being murdered by police.

On the media platform, Genius, it reveals that the lyrics of Pressa on “Wass Gang” include the following words.

My niggas turn up, so we Wass gang
And Wassi felt like larry
If they don’t show me love they better fear me
We up to fuckery up on my ends
I’m talkin’ dirt bike in the AMs
I’m talkin’ M’s, I hate a A.M

WASS GANG – Pressa

When the Toronto rapper proclaims,  “I’m talkin’ dirt bike in the AMs”, he was speaking on something he was known for in the neighborhood as a little kid. Pressa would appear in music videos for Toronto rap group, The Smugglaz, back in in the middle of the 2000’s for the song “45th Dumpin”. There were two versions of the music video and both had appearances of a young Pressa. There was also a special appearance by Toronto hip hop legend Michie Mee, who is the first ever rapper from Canada to ink a major record deal from the United States.

The significance of the music video historically in the neighborhood was that parts of the visuals included scenes in the home of Jordan Manners.   Not very long after the music video shoot, the 15 year old  lost his life.   Jordan Manners was 15 years old when he was shot dead inside his North York school in the year 2005 which was dubbed “The Summer Of The Gun”. The Smugglaz would be interviewed by one of the city’s biggest news outlets in The Toronto Sun for the cover story entitled “Local Voices Of Hip Hop”. Click here to read the article.

Toronto Sun 2005 Cover Story

Pressa also made appearances in music videos that were filmed by the neighborhood’s very own website entitled janefinch.com. Paul Nguyen gave WWETV 6ix an exclusive interview and spoke about creating visuals for the artist below.

You can see a young Pressa in the music video by Sticky Green below entitled “Jane & Finch Gangsta”.


Pressa  can also be seen appearing in a music video with the legendary dancehall artist Beenie Man. The music video was also filmed in his neighborhood when he was a kid and aired on Jane-Finch.com website.



Pressa would go on to release his own music video entitled “Deadmihanna” which would go viral and be the catalyst for him to become one of the hottest artists in his city. He would eventually catch the eye of Drake who ended up giving him an opportunity in Europe to open up a show for him.

Ironically, Pressa would also be a cover story for the Toronto Sun in the year 2019. He would realize the dreams of the neighborhood by also signing a record deal. He would also have the opportunity of performing in front of huge audiences in the United States such as at Rolling Loud in 2019.

WorldWide Entertainment TV had the last interview from Pressa for the year 2018 when he spoke about his new projects and collaboration with Melxdie who would later have a top charting song with legendary dancehall artist Mavado in 2019.