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The Story Of Maestro Fresh Wes’ Dancers – Friday Flashback

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive

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The Toronto hip hop scene has been flooded with talent artists, producers, and dancers over the decades.

The city that is currently known for having the music export of Drake and The Weeknd. Two artists that have been dominating the billboard charts over the last few years. There was a time in the hip hop world where an artist having dancers to fill out live performances and music videos for a complete entertainment package.

The dancers who helped the stage aura for Bell Biv Devoe (BBD) were recently documented by Soul Train for their work. It is also well documented that legendary figures such as Big Daddy Kane and Heavy D had some of the best dance crews in the history of the genre.

As hip hop was crossing borders into Canada with the likes of KRS One and other New York rap pioneers, a rising talent pool of kids were trying to carve out their own niche market in the city of Toronto.

A self admitted fan of Big Daddy Kane, Toronto’s Maestro Fresh Wes was breaking down barriers for artists such as Tory Lanez today when he released radio hits such as “Let Your Backbone Slide” and “Drop The Needle”. The music videos captured people’s imagination because of the athletic dance moves of Maestro’s dancers that were known as DRK(who would end up being a music producer) and Frankie(who would end being a hip hop artist).

In an exclusive interview with WorldWide Entertainment TV, DRK gave his thoughts on the time he spent making history in the 6ix. Check out the clip snippet below.