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The Time 2Pac Called Out Jesse Jackson #OldSchoolSaturday

Venom took a trip down memory lane with “Family Matters” and the case of the missing sister. Now for #OldSchoolSaturday yours truly looks back at the time Tupac Shakur was in his militant mind opposing iconic civil rights leader Jesse Jackson.

During an interview in 1994, Tupac Shakur spoke about being a rapper in the violent climate of 1990’s hip hop during an interview with BET with journalist Ed Gordon in Atlanta. The rise of hip hop was at its beginning in terms of being a political nightmare for those in power who wanted the status quo. The messages Tupac Shakur was spewing felt threatening in his rap songs such as “Holler If You Hear Me”.

Tupac during the interview explained that “being strapped” or armed with a weapon, is purely an act of self-defense, and should not be used in an aggressive way towards innocent people.

Close to the ending of the interview, Tupac called out Jesse Jackson saying that:

I feel like I’m doing God’s work, because these ghetto kids are Gods children, and I don’t see any missionaries coming through there.  So I’m doing God’s work while Reverend Jackson does his shit up in the middle class, and while he goes to the White House to have dinner and pray over the president, I’m up in the hood doing my work with my folks.


The background of Tupac Shakur is well documented and he had relatives that were apart of the civil rights movement through the iconic Black Panthers. His mother, Afeni Shakur, was a Black Panther who ended up doing prison time which is where she birthed Tupac. So when his words reached to Jesse Jackson it caused the civil rights leader to look at hip hop and its impact on the youth. This led to him leading an attack along with C. Dolores Tucker on Shakur and other rappers. Ice Cube and Scarface had a song about this tension between the leaders of the 60’s and how they viewed rappers leading the youth in the 90’s.

Til this day people controversy surrounds the murder of Dr. King which Jesse Jackson was present for. Tupac also took aim at that situation and Jackson’s positioning in the incident. Of course, Jesse Jackson didn’t like the accusations and when Tupac Shakur shot the two off duty cops, it gave Jackson a reason to go after Shakur.

According to Gab of Makaveli Media, Jesse Jackson called out Shakur in late 1994 or early 1995 as living the life of an animal and encouraging the youth to follow down the wrong path. However, months before Tupac Shakur lost his life in Los Angeles, he had a truce with black leaders such as Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson because he wanted to go in to the world of politics. The two men obviously had no love lost before the truce and Gab reviews their tense history in the video below. Gab ponders about Tupac being in the midst of Quincy Jones and Jesse Jackson in the last days of his life and how he challenged their authority in the African American community.