The Weeknd Disobeyed Label By Dropping Album

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celebrity news

The entertainment world has been put on hold for the most part since the “social distancing” and lockdown took top priority, but this did not stop the ambition of The Weeknd wanting to release new music to the public during the Coronavirus pandemic .

According to TMZ, executives were urging him to delay the release of  After Hours  because they feared that sales would suffer due to Coronavirus. Executives feared that a lack of promotion from television appearances and more would increase the chances  the album flopping.

It seems The Weeknd’s confidence in himself and his fans proved to be correct as so far,   the album passed 1 BILLION streams in its first week, and the first day saw 100 million streams. At one point, “After Hours” songs held the top 12 spots on the Apple Music Top 100.   It seems with everyone being home has given the artist an opportunity to get his fans to take in his music more despite other artists such as Lady Gaga having their work postponed.