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“The World Ain’t The Same” by Tough Dumplin – Kwesro Tribute

R.I.P. Kwesro A.K.A. Rohan Whittingham

kwesro nefarius

On April 23, 1999, Toronto saw the passing of hip hop artist Kwesro, from the critically acclaimed Nefarius rap group.

Known for his witty lyricism, Kwesro would rap in grade school at Chalkfarm school by “touring” classes. His love of music would continue as he grew older and would team up with MC Collizhun to make Nefarius.

Now going by the name of Tough Dumplin, the artist pays tribute to his friend and rap partner 20 years later with “The World Ain’t The Same.” Check out the retro visuals of rare high school footage in the music video below.

Nefarius would collaborate with The Smugglaz for the single “Jane & Finchin” and appear on the soundtrack for “How She Move.” Tough Dumplin speaks about the history of his rap group exclusively and reminisces on Kwesro with WorldWide Entertainment TV.

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