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TI & J Prince Sends WARNING To GOONS

j prince tip harris

T.I. is known for speaking his mind when he believes in something and also when he views injustice has occurred. He went on social media to voice his outrage over a surveillance camera capturing footage of a youth being disrespectful to an elder.

Somebody out there knows who’s responsible for this heinous act against OUR elder…. & WE WILL FIND YOU‼️If you Contact someone (Not police) who can hold them accountable (outside of the law) this is not snitching…. 🖕🏽who feel otherwise‼️


J Prince also had a few words to say about the incident that occurred at the gas station on his Instagram account.

To all the #Mobties family, homies and the real brothas who have a voice in the streets, we can’t allow clowns like this to disrespect our grandmothers! I take this personal and so should all of you because these clowns would do the same thing to all of our grandmothers, mothers and daughters. We cannot depend on the police to do everything for us, some things we have to do on our own; such as teaching, showing and holding the youngsters accountable when they’re in violation. –

To all of my solid young homies out there take a stand against this type of disrespect. These types of punks don’t deserve to hang on the block with real men.

J Prince

Trae The Truth also felt compelled to send the message out that the elderly women of society need to be protected from situations like this.

This Weak.. This Aint STREET, Any Real Street Person Knows WOMEN, KIDS and DAMN SURE GRANDMAS Dont Go‼️‼️‼️‼️ .. I Cant See No One Solid Standin For This… This Could’ve Been One Of Our Mommas.. SMH.. Aint No Cosigning This!! We Need To Find Her So I Can Let Her Know She Has Someone Who Will Stand With Her!! We Gotta Get Order Back !!

Trae The Truth

The identity of the elderly lady has been discovered by rapper Trae The Truth. Her name is Sheila Henry. He informed his followers on Instagram with the below statement.

I Know A lot of yall been seeing The video of a Older Black Woman Being Abused And Robbed At A Gas Station For Her Truck… ( On My previous post ) Well Let Me Introduce you to her… This Is Mrs. Sheila Henry A Hard Working Black Grandmother That Didnt Deserve That… I Had To Pull Up On Her To Let Her Know That Real Ones Across The World Aint Accepting That And We Stand With Her!!! Now She Got Real Ones Wit Her!! Love…Remember This Couldve Been One Of Our Mothers or Grandmothers….. Glad She Safe And Got Her Truck Back🙏🏿

Trae The Truth