Tiny Believes Covid 19 Issue Should Allow Bill Cosby Prison Release


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Tekashi 6ix9ine was able to be released from prison to serve the remainder of his sentence. There were reports that Bill Cosby and his lawyers planned on filing paperwork as well to have the fallen comedian to get the same treatment. The debate has people taking sides on whether or not health issues are being violated or the rights of the victims who will see Cosby not do his full prison term. As of now, Cosby has not been released.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris gave her thoughts on the topic with her best friend Shekinah Jo for their online series The Tiny Jo Show and sparked a bit of controversy. Tiny said that when it comes to Bill Cosby possibly getting out of prison, she “f*cking [loves] it.” She added, “No disrespect to the women that were involved, I just feel like Bill is older, and he’s been in there doing his time. I don’t know how much time he did. Has he done two years yet?” Shekinah didn’t answer the question, but she did passionately share her thoughts.

“I think it’s f*cked up that you women did that to Bill,” Shekinah Jo stated. “‘’Cause nine times out of ten, real talk, y’all was trying to f*ck y’all way to to the top. And what end up happening, I guess that p*ssy didn’t get where it was supposed to went.” Tiny interrupted and vocalized her disapproval over Shekinah’s statements, but her friend wasn’t budging.

“I don’t think you should do that. That’s not fair,” Tiny said. “We know that goes on, but that’s not fair to do to the victims because we don’t really know they story.” Both ladies faced an onslaught of backlash, so check out The Tiny Jo Show below and let us know if you agree with what they had to say about Bill Cosby.