Tisha Campbell Calls Company Out For Using “Gina” Likeness

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Tisha Campbell is legendary for her role on “Martin” as “Gina” which many fans worldwide has adored over the decades, but the actress was not having a company use her likeness without her permission.

It hasn’t been the first time a company has used the likenesses of the iconic sitcom. Over the years, we have seen artwork, parodies, and merchandise relating to the classic characters on the program. Tisha Campbell in this instance has had enough of the exploitation without financial reward for the use of her image.

“Y’all wanna hear some dumb ass sh*t? laughs* I know y’all like when I do this, but no, this is really, really serious,” she said in the video. “So, my friend is in the mall and he goes into this store that has all these shirts, all this gear, shorts, everything—with my face plastered all over these shirts, right? I talked to the manager, it’s not the manager’s fault, it’s not the store’s fault, it’s not the people that work there because they were really lovely.”

The actress conversed with the employees and boasted about them being “really cool” about the situation. “But the manufacturers who are making these shirts, I think it was like, Head Gear Classics or something like that, my brother, I’m all for the come up, I truly, truly am. But, you just can’t put somebody’s face on a shirt without their permission.”

In the caption, Tisha also said that Head Gear Classics will not only have to deal with her but with the photographers who took the photos and own the imagery, “as well as the companies that owns the Martin show and House Party proper.” She also stated that the manufacturer responsible told the employees that they were trying to “honor” Tisha with the merchandise.

“Honor me with a check!” she said. Check it out below.