Today In #BlackHistoryMonth Fans Remember MJ Releases Off The Wall Single


off the wall

Michael Jackson released the single for the album title “Off The Wall” on this day, February 2nd, in 1980.

Many fans and artists such as Jay Z count the album as their favorite. . “Off The Wall was one of those albums that was timeless, that didn’t have a genre,” Jay told Rhapsody in 2009. “It was colorless. It was ageless, like me and my mom listen to it together all the time. It was one of those things that the whole family listened to. I think it was a perfect album … I think ‘Thriller’ although was the biggest album, you know had huge records, but these records that were on Off the Wall were so timeless and emotional.”


The album was groundbreaking for its time as Michael Jackson was trying to carve his own lane with “Off The Wall” which would be different than what he was known for with is brothers.

Spike Lee documented the course of history that saw the Prince of Motown turning into a sensation that would later be called “King Of Pop”. Check out the documentary below.


Fans of the “King Of Pop” helped to remember the single and the album on social media. The single is still beloved today and is continuing to score sales increasing its 9X platinum status.