Today In History: Buster Douglas Talks About His Mike Tyson Knockout

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It was 31 years ago this Black History Month that one of the biggest upsets in sports history occurred.

No one ever thought that James “Buster” Douglas would topple the then invincible “Iron’ Mike Tyson to capture the “World Heavyweight Championship”, but that is exactly what happened.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Douglas made mention of wanting to face Tyson one more time. “Sure, I would welcome the opportunity,’’ Douglas told USA TODAY Sports. “Being a prizefighter all those years and still feeling pretty good today, you always feel you got one more fight in you.’’

This was following the last boxing match Tyson had with Roy Jones Jr. It was an exhibition match for charity and Tyson has stated he would love to step into the ring again after his showdown with Jones.

“I knew he was a talent,” Douglas told The Undefeated in 2018. “But I looked at the person. I looked beyond that figure in the ring, and I had to compare myself to the individual, so I wasn’t really impressed with all the success he was having. I knew he was a warrior in the ring, but I looked beyond that. That helped me a lot.

“I went into the fight with a lot of confidence, and I wanted to express that. Everyone was expecting a quick, 90-second knockout, but I’m well-educated in this game. I knew what I was doing. I knew nobody gave me this opportunity and I had earned it.”

Mike Tyson on the other hand believed he got what he deserved in the bout because he did not train or take the scenario seriously. He spoke about the incident on his podcast that you can watch below where he stated his mindset after the match with quotes to himself such as “Do you really think you’re God?”