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Tonya Williams aka Olivia Winters of Young & The Restless Interview

Tonya Williams is an accomplished actress who started her career in the 1970’s and gained international exposure as the character of Oliva Winters on the soap opera Young & The Restless. She has since used her fame to launch the Reelworld Film Festival, based in Toronto.  She is also the executive director of the event. The festival’s mandate is to create opportunities and professional development for racially diverse and indigenous Canadian filmmakers and media artists.

WWETV attended the Caribbean Tales Mixer that was a great networking event at the Toronto International Film Festival. DT The Artist got a chance to have an interview with Tonya Williams.

She informed everyone about founding the Reel World Festival that caters to minorities in the entertainment world. DT The Artist also received sound advice from the actress and she drove home the point that Canadians need to support Canadian talent.

Find out more details about Reel World Festival

Stay Tuned for more from WorldWide Entertainment TV 6ix with Reel World Festival Preview Event that takes place on Thursday September 11.