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Top 13 Songs About Sex That Z-Generation Love

Branko Ilishev Exclusive Original Content Article

Beyonce, left, and Megan Thee Stallion accept the award for best rap song for “Savage” at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Sunday, March 14, 2021. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)


According to research, 61% of Generation Z have greater freedom and confidence to be themselves than prior generations. This is the generation that is the most open and fluid in terms of sexuality since they are no longer driven by taboos and are able to select the best songs about sex that both represent and empower them.


And, did you know that music enjoyment activates the same chemical pathway in the brain that is responsible for the joyful feelings connected with sex?




The element of life in which we should experiment with new things to keep from being bored and to break away from the monotony that it can become from time to time is that of sexual encounters. Making our dates in bed more memorable can be as simple as providing an environment that elevates the temperature and is more stimulating. Even something as simple as this can make our dates in bed more remarkable. A dim light provided by candles, an air freshener with the most delectable scent, and music, which tames the wild beasts but could also awaken the wild animal within you.


The music is playing, so we may give and receive massages, do a sensual striptease, or lose ourselves in a storm of kissing to the beat of whatever song is playing. Every person has some unique thing that turns them on, and the most common one, though, would be music.


Among Generation Z, there are some singers and sexual songs that are pretty popular, such as Billie Eilish’s songs. She is only 19 years old, but her tour tickets sell so quickly at online ticket platforms such as GotStubs, and Generation Z adores her. Even though her melancholic, gothic anti-pop songs are unlikely to be picked as the first wedding dance song, if you pay close attention to her lyrics about love and sex, you’ll discover that they are far more meaningful than you may imagine.


Sex is better with the fitting soundtrack in the background, it’s a fact, even confirmed by scientific studies, and for Generation Z, sex is better with contemporary music.


Below, we want to share a list of the best songs about sex that Generation Z loves and it turns them on.


Bad Guy by Billie Eilish


Nobody plays the bad guy better than Billie. She wrote this song together with her brother, and when they wrote it, she thought no one was going to listen to it because, as she says: “there’s no lyrics here”. Lyrics or not, Generation Z  has it on their playlist, and it’s among the best sexy songs.


Billie Bossa Nova by Billie Eilish


Yes, Billie Eilish again, but we can’t skip sharing what’s behind this song’s lyrics that capture Generation Z’s hearts, and they all have it on their “Best songs about sex” playlist on Spotify.


The song tells the story of two lovers who move in secret and “use alternate identities on hotel registries.”


Finneas, a fellow musician and brother of Billie, recounted how the two of them began the composting process. Many ridiculous things had to be done when they went on tour, such as entering hotels using freight elevators to prevent the paparazzi from following them to their room. He also shares that they acted like there was also a secret love story where Billie was like, “Nobody saw me in the lobby / Nobody saw me in your arms,’ like there was a mystery person in her life during all of that. Overall, the song is influenced by real life, but it also incorporates a little bit of fantasy.


Partition, Beyoncé


Did you think we’d leave out Beyoncé, the queen of pop, from a music playlist of best songs about sex? The diva has a song for everyone’s taste and for every occasion in life. This time, her singing is pure sensuality, and it is accompanied by a video clip in which the singer is on fire.


The Take by Tory Lanez


Tory Lanez says in the song: “I want to put you in seven positions for seventy minutes, sweetie, you’ve had a lot on your mind, and I want to lick it and slip it in”. Tory Lanez is known for creating tunes that can get you turned on in a matter of seconds. Every line of this song is filled with references to sex positions and a great deal of foreplay.


Wicked Game by Chris Isaak


Model Helena Christensen and Chris Isaak frolicked on the beach in the music video, which is erotic enough in itself. Still, every time it plays, no one can’t help but think it was the one that played when Rachel and Ross in Friends had their first meeting under the museum stars. Can it get any sexier?


Earned it by The Weeknd


The Weeknd’s song “Earned It” was included in the soundtrack of the film Fifty Shades of Grey.


According to the soundtrack, the song is a seductive orchestrated ballad that appears to be played from Christian Grey’s point of view. It refers to “a female who’s worth it” and “her favourite kind of night,” respectively. Anyone with a basic understanding of the story’s premise will be able to read between the lines, or at the very least, imagine the kind of moment. Also, The Weeknd’s voice is so sensual that it will give you goosebumps with its highs and lower whispers.


Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee


A little bit different from everything we mentioned above, but reggaeton songs are also among the best songs about sex. After becoming a summer hit, this song was played everywhere, on repeat, for weeks and weeks and weeks. Now, years later, and after we’ve gotten over the summer binge, it can be the perfect tune to listen to on the warmest or coldest nights of the year.


Te Bote by Bad Bunny


Reggaeton is sensual, no doubt about it. Its rhythm awakens the sexual desire of all its listeners. Not only the song Te Bote, but most Bad Bunny songs are favourites among Generation Z and they consider them the best songs about sex that provoke a sensual feeling.


Positions by Ariana Grande


Positions essentially follow her relationship timeline with Dalton Gomez, whom she’s been dating for the better part of this year. The song explains all the reason when she sincerely fell in love with him and imagined their future together and all the good sex that occurred in the meantime. When it comes to her horniest song to date, we have no doubts, and when you listen to the lyrics, you’ll see why this is among the most sensual songs. This song will definitely awaken your sexual confidence.


34+35 by Ariana Grande


Probably the most significant reason this song has gained greater attention in the media is because it features Ariana Grande, a young lady, many of us, have watched grow up in some capacity, who delivers some of the most sexually explicit lyrics of her whole singing career. Even the title itself sums up to ’69,’ which is the name of a popular fun position in the bedroom.


This song is about Dalton Gomez, the guy Ariana dated at the time of the song’s release. At least one Grande insider has made the assertion that Dalton’s Meets her needs and that she could be the one in actuality is true. The singer’s explicit words are accompanied by an expression of her wish for her and her boyfriend to spend a long time together, at least in the first part of the song.


WAP by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion


To be sure, it’s an overtly apparent pick, but there isn’t the best songs about sex playlist that doesn’t have this little surprise from New York rapper Cardi B and Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion. WAP became instant popularity as soon as it was released, and its exuberant celebration of sex has sparked a plethora of dissections and analyses.


Side to Side by Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj


Writing credits include Grande and Savan Kotecha, as well as a particularly exuberant Minaj; the song is primarily about a night of sexual activity that is so active! In the music video directed by Hannah Lux Davis, we are transported to a sauna, and it can’t get any hotter than this. Trust us.


TKN by Rosalia and Travis Scott


Rosalia’s songs are infused with a natural sensuality and are always on the list of top sexual songs. In this, her second collaboration with Travis Scott, the rapper most known for his work on Astroworld, the singer has pleased TikTok users by singing a much more direct song. The duo imagines what the other party will be able to offer her while they are in bed together. It is unclear what TKN stands for, but we enjoy the tune and are looking forward to hearing what the duo comes up with next.