Toronto 7-Eleven May Start Serving Alcohol

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Convenient stores in the United States have long served alcohol to customers in their neighborhoods, but similar shops in Ontario, Canada have not had that luxury.

This may all start to change. 7-Eleven is an international convenience store chain based out of Texas, but has applied for permission to start serving alcohol inside 61 of its locations across Ontario, according to a recent public notice from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Many wanted this change for years including some in government. However, it should be noted that 7-Eleven’s AGCO filing isn’t for takeout sales.

Customers will only be able to have their alcohol “for on-site consumption only” due to and will only occur once pandemic restrictions prohibiting indoor drinking and dining have been lifted.

The license seems the 7-Eleven franchise wants to open up bars, either inside or in place of its existing Ontario stores / gas stations.

7-Eleven Canada has given a public statement on the situation.

“To complement our fresh food and hot food programs, we are preparing for in-store service of a small selection of Ontario-made beer and wine products, offered during limited hours, and in designated consumption areas of our stores. Should we be successful in obtaining licences, all staff handling alcohol products will be SmartServe trained.

7-Eleven Canada is a responsible retailer and a trusted partner of the federal and provincial governments, controlling access to age-restricted products for over 25 years. We are committed to meeting the needs of our Ontario customers and we look forward to the opportunity to grow jobs and contribute to the Ontario economy.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is currently reviewing our licence applications.”