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Toronto Author Glowz Talks “Hood Chronicles with WorldWide Entertainment TV

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive

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WorldWide Entertainment TV speaks with Toronto author, Glowz, about her books and the release of “Hood Chronicles”. Below is her confession about creating the project.

“The Cover That Inspired Me From The Depths Of Fear & Chaos🌟

This time around I took a different and certainly a risky approach with the cover, I had the concept and my amazing designer Creative8yes whom I been going to captured my idea. I want to thank everyone that I consulted yesterday and got a wide range of perspectives and mixed feelings! What a indescribable experience!! And thank you all for inspiring to dedicated a whole section just to talk about the book cover (see what I did there 😏) but here’s a rough idea

-It’s pretty much capturing Diablo, the inner child that haven’t process the traumas and for anyone who into chakras The throat chakra is blocked because the stories are silenced, the picture was perfect because when I went up to Six Nations, a Mohawk elder and healer had explained the reason why I felt this radiating orb (I talk a bit more about it in one of my stories).

⭐️Kintsugi Reflections Of Hood Chronicles Vol1⭐️

This book is pretty much an expansion of ‘Diablo & Ashewo’ from #HoodChronicles . It’s a collection of short stories depicting individuals from different walks of life and are all connected in some way within one of the most infamous yet misunderstood underground industry. In the stories you will have to come with an open heart and clear mind in order to get the most out of this book! Stay tune for possible sneak peak readings as the secret countdown begins!”

Check out the interview below with Brooklyn.