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Toronto based artist Amer SM creates original art for Drake, Snoop Dogg,

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Toronto, Ont. (March 03, 2021) – Toronto-based fine art and mixed-media visual artist Amer Sal Mohammed, commonly known as Amer SM, has celebrities from around the world talking about his custom art. Ranging from Drake, Rick Ross, Tyga, Danny Green, The Game, Cash from XO and many more.

Amer SM has been busy at his Toronto based studio, located at 32 Fort York Blvd, designing personalized digital art, oil & acrylic paintings, furniture designs, skateboards, for notable clients from all industries and collectors of fine art. Producing multiple pieces a month, Amer SM is best recognized for his unique custom artwork concepts specializing in modern contemporary pop culture work infused with high-end fashion designer brands.

Amer has built an enterprise of creative and artistic businesses including his personal brand Art by Amer SM and a digital studio called Digital Demand Studio. Over the years Amer’s reputation has become known for incredible pop-up art shows in Toronto and Miami. In 2019, Amer was featured at Art Basel in Miami with a Lamborghini wrapped in his custom art on display for all art lovers to see. In addition to Amer’s extensive art portfolio, he’s collaborated with international luxury brand MCM, becoming the first-ever Canadian artist to paint live on MCM merchandise at the Yorkville location.


Initially, as a young boy living in Saudi Arabia, Amer was first introduced to art by his Aunt, who opened his eyes to the endless combinations of colors, shapes and textures he could create if he only dedicated himself to the craft. Art became an obsession and as a young boy, he excelled in all aspects, painting on anything he could find from papers to floors to walls.

Then in 2012 Amer moved to Toronto where he quickly integrated himself into the fast paced heartbeat of the city, ingraining himself to the culture and nightlife with all the colorful boldness through his personal creative flair and growing relationships. For years he pursued his passion in the form of graphic design and found much success working with a wide-range of clientele. But he never stopped honing his skills on the canvas and kept an eye out for current trends before finally becoming integrated into mainstream Toronto culture. Before becoming a notable figure in the arts and culture scene, Amer worked as a local nightlife promoter in Toronto for popular venues while paying his way through school at Humber College in the Art Foundation and Graphic Design program.

Amer SM in exclusive statement for WorldWide Entertainment TV stated the following!

“Getting to partake in art based conversations with notable celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Tyga, Rick Ross and Danny Green are always compelling. Luckily, during these conversations, I was able to gift them each a custom piece for their homes and got nothing but positive responses. For example, to quote, Rick Ross immediately asked how I accomplished such a piece and Tyga said he couldn’t wait to get the art hung up in his mansion, says Amer. “The most memorable experience with a celebrity was when Danny Green invited me to present the piece at his charity event the following day. The proceeds went to Team Green, his youth basketball camp. Overall, nothing but great experiences with celebrities in the space and I would happily work with more in the future!”