Toronto company willing to pay Kawhi Leonard’s salary UPFRONT

Kawhi Leonard

A Toronto real estate broker has offered Leonard a free, multi-million dollar penthouse if he stays with the NBA team Toronto Raptors. It seems Toronto Raptors fans will do whatever it takes to keep Leonard with the Raptors. A company is offering to pay Kawhi Leonard’s 5 year salary up front, should resign with Toronto.

According to Bardown, Blockstation, a company that operates out of Toronto’s Financial District and provides international stock exchanges and their broker-dealer networks with a medium of trading digital assets. They’ve also come up with a structure that would allow Kawhi to get most of his 5-year contract up front

The company clarified that their offer is only valid if Kawhi signs with the team and committed long-term. However, it is still unclear at this point if the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement will allow such contract agreement.

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