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Toronto Drags Doug Ford’s Reinforcement Of Lockdown Rules

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As the world continues to battle the pandemic of coronavirus, politicians are trying different ways of curbing the rising cases in what was predicted to be a “Dark Winter” by President-Elect Joe Biden.

This issue obviously also affects Canadian politicians and Ontario’s premier Doug Ford announced new measures for this second wave of covid-19 in his province.

The public has been in confusion over how Ford plans to implement enforcement of the acts and why the government has chosen to decide what businesses are essential.

The new restrictions include a declaration of a state of emergency, an official stay-at-home order, lowered outdoor gathering limits, reduced retail hours and more.

Premier Doug Ford attempted to clarify the stay-at-home order in a tweet Wednesday morning.

“Friends, Ontario’s new stay-at-home order comes down to each of us asking ourselves a very simple question: is leaving home absolutely essential?” he wrote on social media. “If the answer isn’t an immediate and emphatic ‘yes’ then please stay home. Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.”

Although the words from the Premier may have eased some people’s antsy reactions from Tuesday, there are some who are still upset at the whole ordeal.

Check out the reactions below.