Toronto Police Gear Up To Take Down Business Owners Protest Re-openings

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City officials of Toronto are gearing up for any business owners planning to participate in the “We Are All Essential Protest” this week by reopening their doors in defiance of lockdown orders.

According to Fire Chief Matthew Pegg, business owners should be prepared to meet strict enforcement from the city, if they try to go against the city’s mandate.


“We are aware of a small number of businesses that have indicated their intent to open this Thursday in contravention of the provincial orders requiring them to remain closed,” said Pegg during the city’s COVID-19 press briefing Monday afternoon.

“The city’s integrated enforcement team, including Municipal Licensing and Standards, Toronto Public Health and Toronto police officers, are actively monitoring this situation and are prepared to respond as required.”

But Sobolev has been encouraging members of the network to ignore fines and treat them “like a parking ticket,” raising the question of whether owners will actually be deterred by tickets from enforcement officers or whether they’ll continue to reopen regardless — just as Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly did when he reopened multiple times in November.

The city will not go easy with owners this week who violate.

“We will take appropriate enforcement action against any business that operates in contravention of the regulations governing the operation of non-essential businesses as we have done throughout the pandemic,” said Pegg.

“We know that the vast majority of businesses and residents continue to do the right thing in support of our collective public health. By complying with the public health regulations, we save lives, and protect the capacity of our healthcare system.”