Toronto Rapper J Noble Testifies In Court

According to news outlet Toronto Star, a Toronto rapper has testified in court about a murder claiming he had nothing to do with. 

“He shot Neeko for one. He caused a big conflict between two families that were very close, we’re kind of like distanced now, yup I was there … everything.

J Noble aka Jermaine Dunkley

Jermaine Dunkley is a known rapper from the city of Toronto and the courts wanted to get information on exactly what happened on Nov. 24, 2013, the night Mitchell was shot eight times outside the North Kipling Community Centre where a basketball tournament was underway.


The scenario that led to him testifying in court had to do with the prosecution alleging Dunkley planned a hit with his cousin Reshane Hayles-Wilson, to follow Mitchell outside and shoot him. Dunkley, the prosecution alleges, believed Mitchell was connected to the death months earlier of his younger brother, Ricky.

A J Noble lyric from one of his songs has come under scrutiny during this case. The Crown alleges the rapper ordered a hit with the instruction to kill his brother’s assassin “on sight.”


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