Toronto Rapper Kardinal Gets Honorary Bachelor Degree

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Kardinal Offishall

The city of Toronto is the talk of the world at the moment. The Raptors seized the moment of their first chance at grabbing the NBA Championship. In the world of music, Toronto has artists that are recognized at the top of the billboard charts such as Drake, Tory Lanez, and The Weeknd.

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Yoooooooooooooo! From a time when it wasn’t cool to rep Toronto, I TOLD y’all we the greatest fucking city on earth!!!!!! No matter what you call it, this is Toronto. This is the ultimate victory!!!!!!!!!!! This is Toronto!!!!!!!!!! This is OUR city!!! @champagnepapi @torylanez @nav @danielcaesar @killy @dvsn @preme @murdabeatz @tminus @boi1da @jessiereyez @anders @partynextdoor @alessiasmusic @justinbieber @jazzcartier @frankdukes @beingglennlewis @maestrofreshwes @officialbiggsoxx @richkiddbeats @mrmorgan @melaniefiona @deborahcox @lyriqbent @directorx @karenaevans @tanishascott @tajtheblacklion @toyaweb @mastermindlive @adrienking @big_c1 @jeffreyremedios @big_ives @michiebadgyalmee @jelleestone @bakanotnice @cazhblanche @djpplus @djagile @heylissamonet @startingfromscratch @thisisjester @warnerlifestyle @ianandreespinet @4korners @strizzzyeverywhere @missjemeni @spexdaboss @socaprince @lindop416 @firistic_steenie @mr1loveto @lookdbandit @sonofgastone @dejaydoc @solitairmusic @majormovements @subbanator @jamaal.magloire @dwaynedero @Viv ianbarclay @emti5 @hvgler @sevnthomas @missjullyblack @heytimbrrr @chekothari @winnieharlow @iluvlola @addypapa @mauroisruiz @_carlospineda @humblethepoet and sooooooooo many more!!!!! RIP to those who didn’t get to see this day 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿. Do you understand my love for this place now??? Don’t underestimate us again in your LIFE!!!! Tek win eena yu BLOODCLAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE #CURRYBAN IS OVER!!!!!! Meet me downtown for a curry chicken Roti NOW!!!!!!! Rock with anyone of these joints-Bakardi Slang (Everybody knows it’s the Tdot!), Ol Time Killin (Self Explanatory), The Anthem (I’m from the T dot O-rep it everywhere I go), now to RUN (I ain’t never run from a fight and I never will!!!!).

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During the NBA Playoffs, Kardinal Offishall, who has been a global ambassador for Toronto’s hip hop scene for years, performed for the rambunctious Jurassic Park audience. During a post performance interview, Kardi made the proclamation that if the Raptors became the NBA Champions, that the elite artists in the city should throw fans a free concert

Due to the unfortunate incidents that occurred during the Raptors Parade, Kardinal seems to have soured on doing the free event for safety reasons.

Kardinalo IG

Moving on a more positive note, Kardinal announced on his Instagram, a momentous occasion in his life. He received an honorary Bachelor Degree from Humber College in Toronto. It was another dream of his to finish his schooling that he skipped out on to pursue his rap career aspirations.

Who to better explain the feeling than Kardinal himself?

What I’m about to tell you may not make the news or appear on the blogs y’all read, but yesterday was one of the best days of my life. I received an honorary Bachelor Degree in Applied Studies from @humbercollege, for my contributions to the music industry and evolving Canada’s hip-hip globally. I did 3 years of University, but dropped out of York way back, to pursue my music career. I made a promise to my mom that if music didn’t work out, I would one day go back and get my degree. Ironically, i’m extremely proud that my career took off and I haven’t looked back. It hasn’t been an easy road and came/comes with a lot of sacrifices, but it was worth it. I ran with love in my heart and my country on my back and kicked down doors so that people from my city and country could run through and flourish. Education has always been super important to me and i am ultra grateful to the Board of Governors of Humber for selecting me as an honouree. My mother was very ill for some months, beginning in December of 2018 and there was a time when doctors questioned whether or not she’d be around to see a day like this. I am blessed to say that she was there, in good health, to see me walk across that stage and receive this honour. Big up all the students who’s hard work saw them be able to participate in #Humberconvo and take home a degree. The fact that we all got to experience this in the same week that the city celebrated the Raptors winning the championship is serendipitous! Thanks to everyone who believed in me and thought me worthy, thank you to every artist and colleague I rock with and thanks to my parents, my family (especially those who flew in for me), friends and mentors who continue to pour into me and make me a better man everyday. Also big up my music fraternity aka what some people call the fans. This is also a testament to y’all. One love.

With this being #FlashbackFriday, WWETV takes a look back at one of his legendary hits that put eyes on Toronto hip hop, “Dangerous” which featured Akon.

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