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Toronto’s Top 10 Garbage Rappers List By 6ix Bangers Only

Guest Blog Post: 6ix Bangers Only Vlogger

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The Toronto rap scene has given the world the chart topping Drake and the controversial Tory Lanez, but the city also has its share of “garbage rappers” according to Toronto’s newest vlogger 6ix Bangers Only.

As the city continues to capitalize off the exposure it receives from Drake dominating the Billboard charts, there are other rappers from the city getting attention such as Chromazz. However, the city is not in agreement in how some of the hip hop artists are representing their city. 6ix Bangers Only provides his thoughts about the ten rappers that are misrepresenting the 6ix.


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Giving a top ten ranking, 6ix Bangers Only starts off his list with Lady SB. A female hip hop artist who recently dropped a diss song towards Chromazz. The single takes aim at her female rapper colleague over her latest actions with DJ Akademiks and Adam from No Jumper. As many hip hop fans of Toronto artists know, Chromazz made waves when she dissed DJ Akademiks in favor of Adam. The biggest moment in the whole ordeal was Chromazz sex tape being released with the podcast host.

6ix Bangers Only calls out Lady SB for being a hypocrite with her words against Chromazz. He was not impressed with the song to say the least and put her as one of the worst rappers in the city.



Speaking of Chromazz, she was the rapper up next on his list with a number nine ranking. The female rapper has been the talk of the city after proclaiming herself to be the “Queen Of The 6ix.” The first time we saw Chromazz in a sitdown interview was with WorldWide Entertainment TV a few years ago at the Youtube Space studios.

She would go on to meet one of the top artists in the world, Drake, where she would take a photo-op that would go viral. Chromazz being shown with Drake made her stock rise when she was hired to be the host of TDotFest in 2019. She would no show the event, but be replaced by another artist by the name of Nessia, who she was beefing with at the time.

To keep it simple, 6ix Bangers Only stated that Chromazz is just “terrible.”

8. MO-G

This Regent Park hip hop artist made waves when it was revealed Drake was imitating one of his popular dances. Things got even hotter when MO-G accused Drake and his manager, Oliver El-Khatib, of unfairly compensating him for helping to pen what he called “Billboard hits” for Drizzy. Mo-G made the accusations in a since deleted series of Instagram videos, and suggested that  El-Khatib, was a “culture vulture.”

Drake would eventually cut ties with MO-G and the rapper was removed from anything related to the “The Views” album release. Well, 6ix Bangers Only has given MO-G a ranking of number 8 on the worst rappers in the city.


6ix Bangers Only admitted the artist has a lot of confidence, but ultimately he “should stay in school.” He believes that everyone is cut out to be a rapper and D Money Dolla Sign falls under that category. 6ix Bangers Only blames the engineer who helped to make his music and the lack of friends not telling him the truth about his lack of skills. Apparently, 6ix Bangers states he has “never made a good song.”


6ix Bangers Only believes this rapper was under the influence when he decided to become an artist.  In his mind, the producer is robbing Hypa Shots Up Mafia due to him having no business being in a studio.


Making the top 5 of “most garbage” Toronto rappers is Bolo Boss 16. 6ix Bangers Only claims he has street credibility, but his rap credibility is nowhere to be found.  In his music video, Bolo Boss 16 admits to his haters helping to boost his self esteem. 6ix Bangers Only believes his presentation and fashion does indeed show self esteem due to its lack of mass appeal.


The female rapper, Foreign Enanita, takes the fourth spot on the list. 6ix Bangers Only was not impressed with her lyrical content and the exploitation of her culture to hide her deficiencies as an artist. He also commentates that the engineer was less than honest with her when working on her music. She proclaimed that she was getting hate on, but 6ix Bangers explains to her that there is nothing to hate or be jealous of with her in terms of music.


Admitting the duo has a catchy song, 6ix Bangers Only still thinks the two need work on their craft. He believes this is another case of Toronto citizens being under the influence and heading into the studio. In his mind, these type of rappers are disrespectful to the culture.


6ix Bangers Only picks a rapper from the Jane-Finch area for the second to most garbage rapper in the city. OG Keez represents for the OG hip hop artists in the city, but he had a moment that changed the trajectory of his image. Admittedly in the song he stated he “cried” over a female, the event lead to him getting ridicule not only in Toronto, but North America as audio was leaked onto huge hip hop sites such as Worldstar.


6ix Bangers Only crowned podcast host, Friday Ricky Dred, as the most garbage rapper in the city. 6ix Bangers Only stated that he was a “cap rapper” before the word cap became trendy. It should be noted that 6ix Bangers Only was involved with podcast beef with the founder of We Love Hip Hop.

Check out the video below for 6ix Bangers Only commentary and list.