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Toronto’s Top 10 Most Underrated Rappers By 6ix Bangers Only

Guest Blog Post: 6ix Bangers Only Vlogger

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The last time a list was released by 6ix Bangers Only, he covered the worst of the worst in “Toronto’s Top Most Garbage Rappers,” and now he give praise to the “most underrated.”

Before he starts his list, he puts a disclaimer for viewers that warns of not picking any sides in terms of street politics. The disclaimer entailed, “The information provided by speaker/presenter provided on the iDAC platform is for general information purposes only. All information is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of this information.”

With that said, 6ix Bangers Only proceeded to put shine on hip hop artists from Toronto that he believes are the top ten most underrated.

He starts with his number 10 pick which comes from the west end in the city with Jane and Finch’s BFR Bundog.


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The older brother to the popular Toronto rapper, Pressa, Bundog dropped his debut single “Bricks For The Low” after being released from prison in 2020.

Bundog would end up collaborating on the single, “Movie,” with Why G and Top5 that garnered excitement in the streets.  6ix Bangers was impressed with his lyric “To get you a whole key, the whole team was risking it, now you can’t get a spot to piss in it.”


toronto rappers6ix Bangers Only moved to the Malvern area and chose Honcho Hoodlum for the ninth spot. Honcho started rapping when he was really young, but he took things seriously at the age of 17.

6ix Bangers Only loved the wordplay of “I get to shooting like middleton, if you think your opps is sick people you need medicine.”  He definitely sees the lyric pen of this artist and rates the music production.

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6ix Bangers Only gave the artist credit for the creativity of the music video for “Decoy” in a diss song towards DJ Snoopy. 6ix Bangers Only admires his work ethic. What stood out to 6ix Bangers was the word play of Young Blitz using a different language. He especially takes a liking to the cameo appearance that was made in the music video.

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Ranking number seven on his list is his first female rapper pick. Lola Bunz has been an “Rising Stars & Underground Artists” feature on WorldWide Entertainment TV in the past. She has performed at events in Toronto that include Michie Mee’s Birthday Bash in 2015. She was also listed as a top female rapper in the city by Brooklyn in Episode 6 of Brooklyn’s World.


Another female follows Lola Bunz as 6ix Bangers Only moves up his list. At number six is Killa Tee. Impressed by the visuals by Knemesis of Goldmine Media, “Money On My Mind” music video has great creativity according to 6ix Bangers Only. The creativity pushes her to the sixth position on his charts.

He also believes the young lady has bars and a vision for how her music should be presented. This in his mind puts her on a list of most underrated in the city even surpassing many of the male rappers. Her music video currently sits at nearly 65,000 views on Youtube.

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Making his top five, is Baadass Buk, who has been representing street rap over the years. 6ix Bangers Only believes this hip hop artist has “bars for days” and is an underrated MC in Toronto.

He believes the women put in “so much work into their bars, their videos” and basically says that many men are lacking in comparison. She also made Brooklyn World’s top female rappers from Toronto list.

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Considered as “one of the most disrespectful rappers” in the city by 6ix Bangers Only is Sick PPL. He believes Sick PPL is definitely a sick man with the lyrics, but has a death wish. 6ix Bangers Only states he doesn’t wish death on anybody and provides a disclaimer that was aforementioned above while reviewing Sick PPL. He still admits to liking the actual music aspect and its catchy nature.

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6ix Bangers Only likes the gangsta approach of this artist connection and believes it is the right formula to make a dent in the city of Toronto.  “Made a killing off of dog food, made a killing off of madness” were words that caught the attention of 6ix Bangers Only. He straight out says when taking in this rapper, there needs to be “parental advisory.”

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Paris Richards made noise last week from a discussion on Club house that Toronto hip hop blogs and Instagram pages are lacking in their support of female rappers. 6ix Bangers Only gives her the number two spot for most underrated in the city.

He believes she has bars and has the sex appeal to go with it. 6ix Bangers Only also praises her for her hunger to be the best and rates the quality of her latest music video. “Toronto b*&tch that been on TMZ,” stated by Paris on the single to illustrate her reach outside of her own city.

1. SAM G

In at number one on 6ix Bangers Only list is Sam G the top most underrated rapper from Toronto. Freshly released from prison, 6ix Bangers Only states that you could hear the hunger in his voice in his songs.

Did 6ix Bangers get the list correct? Let him know on his Youtube Channel in the comment section.