Tory Lanez is a fan of music as evident with his mixtapes that sample great songs of yesteryear. He currently is not a fan of the recent music drops that have occurred in 2022.  On Sunday, Tory took to social media to share his thoughts on some of the projects released in 2022, saying, “For the first time in a long time ….. everything in music is MID right now … like I truly haven’t heard a project that has moved me in the last 8-9 months ….. 2022 what the [] is going on with u my boy lol.”

The artist did not leave his critique with the tweet above as he continued, “Like don’t get it twisted … we getting by off what out now … and u might have some heaters on every album here and there but … I kinda miss that ‘Kush and OJ’ …. ‘So Far Gone ‘ mixtape era when the body of work was more important than a [] hit song.”


Tory Lanez recently showed a current generation star love when he coined Chris Brown as the “King Of Pop” with his own chain with the moniker. The iconic singer released a new project in 2022 and Lanez went on Instagram to state,  “huge shoutout to Breezy, sharing, “@chrisbrownofficial IS THE KING OF POP WHEN IT COMES TO MY ERA AND MY GENERATION …….IDGAF.”


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As for the albums he actually enjoyed this year, Tory went on to share, “The albums of 2022 I did like tho was Kendrick’s … breezy … Durk … NBA … and few more that I prolly can’t remember … but I can’t really think of a 2022 version of like a REASONABLE DOUBT or THE CHRONIC or COLLEGE DROPOUT.” Aside from sharing his thoughts on his peers, Lanez also revealed that his new project is “87% LOADED.” He even teased the possible title of the project, tweeting, “I think ima call the project ….. ‘SORRY 4 WHAT ?'”