Tory Lanez Dropped By Lawyer In Assault Lawsuit: Report

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tory lanez
The lawsuit surrounds Tory Lanez’s alleged altercation with “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami” star Prince.

Tory Lanez will have to find a new lawyer in the lawsuit involving Love & Hip-Hop: Miami’s Prince. According to Radar Online, the attorney for Tory Lanez dropped their client over “irreconcilable differences which cannot be resolved.”

Attorney Christopher E. Ells filed the motion on Wednesday in court, where Ells explained that he would have to remove himself from the case. He explained that he was “unable to effectively represent” the Canadian artist, which the judge later signed off on. Ells added that it was in the best interest of himself and Tory to not be involved in the case any further.

Lanez has been dealing with his case over the past few years following an alleged altercation at LIV Miami in 2019. Prince told the police that Lanez and his team approached him around 4 a.m. before striking him in the face. Prince clarified that it was employee of Tory that assaulted him.

“Immediately after punching [Prince] in the face, [Tory’s] employee/agent fled and attempted to enter [Tory’s] vehicle,” an excerpt from the lawsuit reads. “However, [Tory] yelled at the agent/employee and instructed him to leave the premises in a separate vehicle.”

In a statement from his rep, Lanez said that he wasn’t anywhere near the alleged victim, who he described as “obsessed.” He also added that there wasn’t any evidence corroborating Prince’s story.
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