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Tory Lanez Makes Public Statement Claiming Unjust Trial


Tory Lanez has taken to Instagram to share a letter alleging his wrongful conviction, as hearings on a retrial and Megan Thee Stallion reflecting on his guilty verdict continue.


The letter in writing and via a phone call, alleges that he was “robbed and deprived” of a fair trial.

Addressing the Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon, in his letter, Lanez claimed that he had been wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit, and accused two district attorneys from Gascon’s office of unlawfully suppressing exculpatory evidence.

The message to George Gascon, the Los Angeles District Attorney included, “Until my court date I’ll be posting the OUTRAGEOUS & DISGUSTING INJUSTICES used against me by the PROSECUTION to get the conviction they so DESPERATELY wanted, DESPITE the evidence they knew existed,” he wrote in his Instagram post’s caption.

“Dear George Gascon,” Tory Lanez began in his letter. “I write this message with the utmost humility, love, and respect for the remarkable stance you’ve taken in regards to fighting for the justice of Black and Brown minorities. Today I take a stance as an innocent Black Man, wrongfully convicted of a crime I DID not commit. I’ve watched 2 district attorneys from your office by the names of Kathy Ta and Alex Bott unlawful misuse their authority to hide and suppress any and all exculpatory evidence that exonerates me, or furthers my innocence. I was completely robbed and deprived of a fair trial. On May 8th, my lawyers will be arguing a motion for a new trial. Not only do I owe it to myself to fight for my freedom, but I owe it to my 6 year old child, my family, fans.
Tory Lanez Reads His Statement



“Most importantly the hundreds of thousands of Black and Hispanic minorities that cannot adequately fight for themselves,” Tory Lanez continued. “For 3 years, the prosecution has manipulated a false narrative, that has left me with no choice but to expose, and make aware, the practices the behind door deals, and the unjust system used to illegally convict me and countless other minorities. we elated you because of your outstanding eminence in making fair and correct judgements in the justice of people of color. Mr. Gascon, I come to you today as a wrongfully convicted man, not asking for sympathy, nor compassion, but for you to simply do what is fair and right by the laws of California, and most importantly in the eyes of God. – T O R Y,” the letter concluded.