Tory Lanez No Longer Entertaining Negativity After Grammys

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez has made news over the last few weeks by challenging rappers by stating he is the best in the world. Tory Lanez even got into it with a fellow Canadian rapper named Dax.

After witnessing his city win “Best Rap Song Of The Year” via Drake who also had a speech calling out The Grammys has changed his trajectory of how he will deal with his music career.

Seeing my peers win Grammys tonight really Inspired me and made me realize , we only have so much time to achieve the goals we truly want . that being said , I will no longer entertain anymore negativity from this point.

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez went on his twitter and declared his new approach to handling things in a more positive manner.

As you can see Tory Lanez went on a rant and wants to let people know his thought process more even though it may come off as preachy.

I hate to sound like a preacher .. but the reality is , no matter if u hate some body because they got less money or more money or whatever the reason cause guess what … when we die no matter how much u got .. we all leave in the same 6 by 6 hole in a casket .. think about it

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