Tory Lanez #PSA Shows Artist Defying Cancel Culture

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Tory Lanez has started his new year with positivity and looking forward to moving past the issues he encountered in 2020. Despite pressures of the “cancel culture” affecting his image, he trots along with new projects. The negative comments he deems as only motivation to go full steam ahead.

Tory has dropped his latest episode of his #PSA documentary series. We see cinematic footage from live concerts, behind-the-scenes travel, and more. Discussion surrounds what he calls “a smash” in Quarantine Radio. “I went from like five million followers to ten million followers in three weeks,” he reveals. He also opens up about some of his defining philosophies, likening himself to a “champion” and “a warrior.” “No matter what ya’ll n***as think you’ll do to tear me down,” he explains. “I keep rising up, I’m unstoppable. I’ll never let somebody think they can stop me. I have a fearless mentality.”

“I been in the game about eight years,” he continues. “I done see people come around, be the hot shit of the moment, and fall. People wonder ‘how is Tory, out of all those people who doesn’t have crazy colored hair or none of that, still relevant? Cause I’m still in the studio, and I’m not stopping. I’m relentless.” He reiterates that the negative comments only drive him to work harder, maintaining that absolutely nothing can put a dent in his grind.

Check out the video below.