Tory Lanez Reveals An 80s Album In The Works & More


tory lanez

Tory Lanez is no longer signed to the Interscope record label and he has been letting everyone know that his self described “best music” is on the way. He proclaims he waited for his deal to expire to release music that he has been sitting on. Now he is about to drop the projects for everyone to hear.

“I told you guys I wasn’t going to release none of my greatest music or most timeless music until I was out the deal and owned all my masters,” says Tory. “So now that I’m out and I own all my masters and publishing, I got these three projects I want to release. But I need your help on which one to release first cause they all themed totally different.”

Justine Bieber told Tory Lanez that,”We need some Russian disco music from you fam.” This was response to Lanez asking fans which project they wanted first. Each project runs between seven and eight songs deep.

A Spanish album is in the works along with an acoustic project as well, one that apparently sounds like “Ed Sheeran meets Adele meets some n***a from the hood.” Last but not least is the “80s” project, which Tory likens to the experience of hopping in a time machine and transporting back to the decade of synthesizers and John Hughes films.

MTV reportedly offered Tory Lanez a show following success of “Quarantine Radio” ⁣
⁣ “MTV offered me something like a little 30-minute segment, but I don’t know what I want to do,” he reveals to Billboard. “But I want it to be something that the fans decide. If I end up coming up with an idea for it, hopefully, it’ll be on MTV.” Who’s tuning in?!