Tory Lanez Should Have Taken A Plea Deal Says Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz Believes Tory Lanez Should Have Accepted a Plea Deal

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According to Boosie, Lanez could have received a shorter prison sentence if he had opted for a plea deal.

Rapper Boosie Badazz recently expressed his belief that if he were in Tory Lanez’s position, he would have accepted a plea deal in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case. Lanez was found guilty of the shooting in December 2022 and is set to be sentenced on June 13, facing a minimum of nine years and a maximum of 22 years in prison. In an interview posted on VladTV, Boosie stated that Lanez could have received a reduced sentence had he chosen to take a plea deal.

Boosie commented, “If he had gone in there and said he wanted to make a deal, with the lawyers he has, he could have been serving time in a facility with hardly anyone around him.” He added, “I know many people like that. They were offered 10 years and didn’t take it, and ended up getting 30.” Drawing from his own experiences, Boosie further asserted, “I’ve seen it happen all the time. When I was in [prison], they would come in and say, ‘I’m not doing 15, man.’ Then they would end up with a long sentence. I would have tried to negotiate for five years.”

Last month, Tory Lanez shared a video on Instagram featuring a phone call from his prison cell. In the clip, he claimed that DNA evidence found on the gun used in the shooting should have proven his innocence. The caption of the post urged the Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascón, to address the alleged injustice. Lanez wrote, “@gasconforlada PLEASE put an end to this INJUSTICE…. Many BLACK AND HISPANIC MINORITIES are falling victim to these same OUTRAGEOUS and DISGUSTING TRICKS and TACTICS. Someone NEEDS to stand up for US! Everyone PLEASE PRAY that the Honourable Judge David Herriford returns me to FREEDOM and a FAIR trial.”

Earlier this month, Lanez’s lawyer, Jose Baez, took to his Instagram Story to defend the rapper. Baez highlighted the issue of mistaken eyewitness identifications, claiming they have contributed to approximately 69% of the wrongful convictions in the United States. He further mentioned that these cases had been overturned through post-conviction DNA evidence. Baez’s post followed Lanez’s open letter on Instagram, where he asserted that he was wrongfully convicted. Lanez captioned the post, “Until my court date, I’ll be posting the OUTRAGEOUS & DISGUSTING INJUSTICES used against me by the PROSECUTION to get the conviction they so DESPERATELY wanted.” He also alleged that the prosecution employed these tactics against him, despite being aware of existing evidence that could prove his innocence.

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