Tory Lanez Speaks On Life Post Megan Thee Stallion Drama

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tory lanez

Tory Lanez life and career flipped upside down after a pool party by Kylie Jenner.

The media was abuzz when the news broke out that Tory Lanez was involved in an alleged shooting with Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Despite original silence on the night’s proceedings, Megan Thee Stallion broke her silence when she had enough of what she deemed as lies and innuendos surrounding her shooting. She would state that the Canadian artist was behind her injury and this caused a division for fans and artists who follow both stars.

In an interview with Gillie Da Kid, Tory Lanez explains the shift he encountered with artists being understood.

“When it comes down to artists, I still understand the business side of it, so I never really hold friction there,” he continues. “When things get right, it’ll be alright. Just like now, I’ve been living a regular life. People are coming back and taking pictures, but eight months ago it might not have been the mood.”

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