Tory Lanez Will Be Acquitted According To Wack 100

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The manager of The Game believes the information he has acquired was also shared with possibly Drake and Rihanna which caused the two music stars to unfollow Megan Thee Stallion.

Known for getting into all kinds of business related to the hip hop world, Wack 100 is once again chiming in on the whole Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez alleged shooting ordeal. Tory Lanez has been accused by the Houston rapper of injuring her through a gun incident back in 2020. This has caused division with fellow celebrities and fans of rap.

The social media world has been in a frenzy over it since it has also involved Kelsey Nicole beefing with her former BFF in Megan Thee Stallion. It will come out in court in a few months, but it hasn’t stopped the faux detective work of fans online. This includes hip hop personalities such as Wack 100. While chatting with Wylin Plug this week, Wack 100 suggested that Rihanna recently removed Megan from the Savage x Fenty website because A$AP Rocky is friends with Lanez.

“Who’s Rihanna’s man? A$AP Rocky. And like myself, A$AP, we know Tory Lanez, we talk to Tory Lanez, we know things that he hasn’t said ’cause he just can’t say, but we know what’s going on with the situation. Now, he know, guess who else know?… These next couple court dates, watch the real come out and watch the cancelation start… Once Tory’s acquitted, you know, it’s an old saying, you may laugh now but we’ll see who laughs the loudest later—you watch that $100 million civil suit come at her for slander.”

“And then when the slander suit is filed, you watch how many brands back up off her because this man just got found not guilty based upon a bunch of lies that was told and done came out and now she gotta face the fire,” he added, mentioning that Drake and Rihanna stopped following Megan on Instagram.

The podcast then speculated about the shooting itself and alleged that Megan’s ex-best friend Kelsey Nicole’s DNA was found on the firearm involved in the shooting. They also claimed that Megan doesn’t want Kelsey to testify at the trial and when asked why Megan would lie about something like this, Wack seemed to suggest that it’s in her character.