Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion’s drama has continued with another day in court. This time around social media reacts to the Toronto rap star being arrested, but he has since posted his $350,000 bail, allowing him to walk free until his trial begins later this year, in September.The main news has been coming from Rolling Stone journalist Nancy Dillon .

“Holley confirmed the swab on the gun came back ‘inconclusive’ with four contributors while the magazine swab ‘excluded’ Lanez,” she wrote,referring to a DJ Akademiks report.

Tory Lanez DNA was not found on the weapon in the Meg Thee Stallion case,” Akademiks claimed in a now-deleted tweet back in February. He followed up with a thread detailing new information about Lanez’s legal team scheduling a DNA test for the primary weapon in this case.

“‘If he had seen this document, he presumably would have got it right,’ Holley said in court of the situation,” according to Dillon’s reporting.

Shortly after he tweeted that, Megan Thee Stallion went on Twitter to counter the comment made by Akademiks and everyone else who was making her out to be a liar. Later that day, Nancy Dillion, Senior Writer at Rolling Stone, reported that she received a transcript of Lanez’s lawyer speaking on the potential DNA test that was to be performed.

“We are in the process of actually retaining an expert with respect to DNA,” Lanez’s lawyer stated. “It is our hope that we will be able to review & confirm the LAPD’s analysis, which from our standpoint was favorable.” Lanez’s lawyer argued that Lanez did not provide DJ Akademiks with the information on the DNA test before Akademiks sent out the tweet. DJ Akademiks hopped on Twitter to respond to today’s court discussion of his tweet. “I got it from Roc Nation … *shrug*,” he wrote.