Total COVID-19 cases in S. Korea exceeds 10 million: Report

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South Korea has seen its total number of COVID-19 infections surpass the 10 million mark. In other words… one out of five South Koreans have at some point been infected.

(VIA ARIRANG NEWS) Ye-eun, we have seen the total number of cases in Korea surpass the 10 million mark as of 9 PM Tuesday. How many new cases are we expecting today? We’re expecting to see the daily tally go back up into the 500-thousand range. As of 9 PM on Tuesday we saw 475-thousand 2-hundred 76 new infections… which was the second highest tally ever recorded for this time period. So, we’re expecting to see the second highest daily figure on Wednesday. A week ago… we actually saw the highest tally… go up as high as 621-thousand. Though today’s figures aren’t expected to be as high… they have definitely climbed up by something like 140-thousand from a day ago.


Usually… Wednesday’s figures act as a key barometer for the weekly trend… compared to when the numbers are lower at the beginning of the week due to fewer tests done over the weekend. As you mentioned… as of Tuesday evening… South Korea has seen its total COVID-19 count surpass the 10 million mark. The exact figure stands at 10 million 4-hundred 11-thousand 8-hundred 16. In just a month and a half the country added 9 million new COVID-19 infections… due to the spread of both Omicron and its subvariant… B-A-2… also known as “stealth Omicron.” That means one out of five South Koreans have caught COVID-19. And many of those have actually tested positive again in the first few weeks after first contracting the virus. Does that mean they caught COVID-19 again?