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Tough Dumplin Returns With “No Industry” Ft. Thrust OG

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MC Collizhun was an artist from the city of Toronto known for calling out “wack rappers” and he has returned with OG Thrust with the same vitriol in “No Music Industry (A Million Views)”.

MC Collizhun came up during a hip hop scene before Drake was a thought in the city of Toronto. In his time, the music industry or lack thereof suffered from an infrastructure. He was apart of the rap group, Nefarius, which consisted of Kwesro and Don D.

Their biggest song that hit the streets of Toronto was entitled “Ponderin” that took aim at the music industry and artists from what was then known as the “T. Dot”. He has joined forces in 2021 to collaborate with another Toronto foundation rapper in OG Thrust.

OG Thrust sat down with WorldWide Entertainment TV Toronto for an exclusive interview before the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020. Check out the Toronto rapper who is apart of one of the biggest hit songs to ever come out of his city with “Northern Touch”.

The artists team up with the concept of “Back To The Future” of arriving from the past of the late 80’s and early 90’s to hit the rap scene of 2021 of artists paying for youtube views and more.

Thrust and Tough Dumplin have worked together in the past. Check out their live performance on MuchMusic Television during a time of Toronto artists getting airplay on Canadian television.