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Tracee Ellis Ross Better Fit For Lucille Ball Biopic?

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Lucille Ball is a legendary figure in the world of television. She broke barriers during a time when television was the newest technology which changed the way everyone got their news, entertainment, and sports.

Ball started working as a model in 1932, but she was never able to keep steady work. In 1933, she moved to Hollywood, California. For the next few years, Ball held small roles in several motion pictures. During this time, she also worked in theatre.

In 1940, while working on movie set, she met Desi Arnaz, a Cuban American actor. The couple started dating immediately and eloped only a year later. They proved to be a powerful couple. Their relationship was the inspiration behind a television show created by Ball.

I Love Lucy premiered in 1951 and the rest is history. Now there is a biopic on the icon in the works and Nicole Kidman was announced as being considered for the role according to a report, but many people are taken aback by this casting choice.

The online community has also questioned the possibility and voiced their opinion on Twitter.


One person made the odd choice of “black-ish” star, Tracee Ellis Ross, to portray the iconic comedian. Some people agreed that she would be a better fit than Nicole Kidman despite having a mixture of African-American in her.

Do you agree that the role of Lucille Ball should be filled by Tracee Ellis Ross? Let us know in the comments below.