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Trae Tha Truth & T.i. Picked Up Y Sit GetteUp From Jail

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Y Sit GetteUp is now a free man today (July. 30) and the Houston rapper’s welcome was most certainly crafted to be a huge one. Trae Tha Truth & T.i. was responsible for making sure the “X-Rated” rapper was taken care of and had a private chauffeur truck lined up for his longtime colleague along with other gifts. 
The 22-year-old rapper born Anthony Harris has been awaiting this day since his January 2021 arrest.  The rapper will be on parole until 2026, meaning he has to stay out of serious trouble to avoid another lockup.
GetteUp had turned himself into the police in January 2021 after being charged with murder, inciting a riot & pandemomnium.  

“Alright gather around gather around, we have the two Hip Hop presidents and generals of the culture Trae Tha Truth and T.i. Lemme tell you something about Trae and T.i., they the only rapper that will take you to the plug ok, see these ni**as are true representation of the culture globally you dig. I called these ni**as heroes true heroes of hip hop. I listened to full rap mixtapes and watching BET music videos when I was 12 years old. And when I was around 20, I still listened to the same artist I grew up listening to that sounded hard to me. This is deeper than music, ok this is a culture.” Y Sit GetteUp said in the studio, airport & tweeted.

Welcome Home Y Sit GetteUp. 


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