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Trailer Released For Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Reunion

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

fresh prince

One of the biggest shows of the 1990’s, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, will have its cast return to television to celebrate its great legacy on November 19th.

Will Smith was a burgeoning rap star with a comedic edge during the late 1980’s. He was one of the first hip hop artists to gain Grammy level notoriety. This popularity helped to him to get his own sitcom headed by musical genius Quincy Jones.

As they say, the rest is history as the comedy show consistently ranked at the top of the television ratings during the 90’s. Everyone would gather around tv sets on Monday nights to watch the Banks family which consisted of Aunt Vivian, Uncle Phil, Carlton, Hilary, Ashley, and the witty butler Geoffrey.

It would be a rival for another classic show that took the decade by storm in “Martin”, as both men who starred on their respective programs would end up making the iconic “Bad Boys” franchise of movies.

Check out the trailer below released by Will Smith who thanks the actors and the show for making him the A list actor he is today.