Treach Denies Allegations of Domestic Abuse Against Pepa

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Today in the world of hip hop, we see power marriages in urban entertainment in the form of Jay Z and Beyonce and Offset with Cardi B. The 1990’s had Treach of Naughty By Nature marrying Pepa of Salt ‘N Pepa. There has been gossip surrounding their relationship for decades about domestic abuse, but their daughter Egypt said she never heard her parents argue.

On this season of Growing Up Hip Hop, the family gets reunited for the reality tv series. Pepa joins daughter Egypt Criss, Tyran Moore, and her ex-husband, Treach. The Naughty By Nature front man has denied the accusations of physical abuse on multiple occasions and even spoke with their daughter Egypt about it on their reality show. The Breakfast Club interviewed the father and daughter combination about working together on Growing Up Hip Hop, but the obvious topic of alleged violence by Treach reared its head once again.

“We have a love-hate relationship,” Treach admitted. “We good, it’s just, it’s certain things that come up from her book, and now it’s gonna be a Salt-N-Pepa movie. So they come to me and I’m looking at the character they got for me and they wanna release it. And it will never happen, you feel me? It’s like, What’s Love Got to do With It was a great movie, but it wasn’t our story.”

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He said he didn’t take any legal action when the accusations first surfaced because his career didn’t skip a beat. “It wasn’t like I was blackballed or anything else. It’s getting to a stage now because I’m seeing—when I actually got the script of what they were saying, I’ve had to keep saying, ‘When did this ever happen?'” He added that he asked Pepa about the same stories in the book and he claims she told him that she didn’t proofread it.

Treach stressed that the #MeToo movement has the capabilities of completely ruining a person’s legacy and career, so he wanted to know exactly when these domestic violence events occurred. “I don’t even know if my kids ever even heard us argue,” Treach said while Egypt interjected she couldn’t recollect any incidents. She also said that Pepa is careful about what’s included and shared publicly because she doesn’t want his life to be negatively affected by any allegations. Watch Treach and Egpyt talk about Pepa below.