Trey Songz Denies Accusation Of Beating Woman In NYC


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Trey Songz finds himself in another dramatic situation with a woman allegedly. According to a TMZ report, a woman from NYC accused the singer of beating her up, a claim he denied.

Sources from the NYPD stated that the alleged victim filed a report in late October. In it, she claimed Songz punched her face repeatedly in a bowling alley bathroom. Additionally, she said the R&B star dragged her by her hair and that she went to the hospital for minor injuries.

According to sources obtained by TMZ, the alleged victim was an employee of said establishment, though motives are unclear. Their report doesn’t contain much more detail than what has been revealed to press outlets so far. However, sources say that the woman identified Trey to police after the fact, as she recognized him beforehand.

The NYPD opened an active case and want to at the very least talk to Trey Songz about the alleged incident. While no official charges or set of verified facts have come forward, this is not the singer’s first allegation. Over the past few years, many came forward accusing him of abuse and assault. Despite this history, NYPD officials confirmed that this latest case is still under process of investigation.
Recently, Trey Songz denied rape allegations against him, and the court dismissed the case due to statute of limitations. Songz has consistently denied any and all allegations against him and called them a shakedown. However, it’s important to note the number of people that have come forward, as well as its consequences in the industry. 50 Cent recently banned Songz from his annual Tycoon weekend event for his erratic behavior. Although, 50 attributed this to him crashing a Wraith last year, not necessarily to his streak of accusations.

Many woman have also accused the singer of violence. His legal representative, Mitchell Schuster, told TMZ he was being cooperative. “A source close to the investigation informs us that TS has been cooperative with authorities and expects that when all the evidence is reviewed, he will be exonerated,” he stated. “This is another instance where those involved try to blame the celebrity with hopes of getting fame or riches.”


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