A new woman has come forward with sexual assault allegations against Trey Songz. Her attorneys are demanding that he pay for groping the woman and they also claim that a video they have makes their case solid.Johnson alleges that she was sexually assaulted by the singer during a party back in August 2013.

Johnson’s attorneys George Vrabeck and Ariel Mitchell have issued a demand letter on their client’s behalf, asking for a settlement that exceeds $5 million dollars.

“I am sure this letter does not come as a surprise to you,” the message to Songz reads. “One woman may have been mistaken, but it is unlikely that the 12+ women that have made complaints about you, including our four clients, were also mistaken. Ms. Johnson is certainly not mistaken. Perhaps the enclosed video will refresh your recollection and illustrate the certainty of your negligent and reckless behavior.”

Songz has faced accusations of sexual assault from three other women over the past few months.

“Since the assault, Ms. Johnson has engaged in self harm, suffered severe emotional distress, including fear, anxiety, humiliation, depression, and other physical injuries, and damages (both economic and noneconomic),” the letter continued. “Her injuries are substantial, continuing, and permanent.”

The letter also claims Johnson was “shocked and confused” following the incident, prompting her to remain “quiet during the rest of the event, as several of her co-workers tried to console her.”

“Ms. Johnson specifically remembers holding her arm over her chest longer than necessary out of fear you would randomly assault her from behind again,” read the letter. “At her hotel that evening, Ms. Johnson spent extra time in the shower feeling ashamed and embarrassed.”

TMZ says her team is giving Trey until May 5th to respond.